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The Spanish Government approved the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation

Both documents are the pillars on which rests the design of government policy on R & D for years and are intended to recognize and promote talent, leadership boost business R + D + i, the promotion of scientific and technical excellence, and the development of activities to address the global challenges of society.

From these documents are released numerous references to the importance of promoting actions to support innovation and protection of intellectual property rights, among which are:

The encouragement of R & D collaborative demand-oriented production structures: based on public-private cooperation and measures and tools to improve quality and safety law in respect of scientific and technological cooperation facilitating strategic management of intellectual property rights and industrial and encouraging the implementation of open innovation systems.

Development of an enabling environment for R + D + I: give the system a model of rights management intellectual property right.

Knowledge Transfer: defining models of knowledge and protection of research results to facilitate their transmission and use strategic management ensuring the rights of intellectual property and knowledge transfer.

Internationalization and international leadership: Enhancing the international presence of Spanish companies innovative strengthen "MARK SPAIN" and support activities carried out within the framework of the State's foreign policy, helping to strengthen relationships and collaborations with third in Spain countries in the field of science, technology and innovation.

Indicators of effort and results: It is designated as a growth target of 25% and 50% by 2016 and 2020 respectively in the following indicators, Number of patent applications in emerging technologies generated.
Number of applications (domestic and international) with report favorable technical status in emerging technologies.
Number of patents filed in different key enabling technologies.
Number of patent applications and its sectoral distribution related to the challenges of society.

State Program R & D oriented societal challenges: dynamic actions to develop new models, structures and business platforms and internationalization, including the design of on-line tools that support the approach and integration of entrepreneurs, technologists , inventors and venture capital for the creation of new technology-based companies.