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The main counterfeiting ring of clothes has been dismantled

More than 100 members of the National Police and Portuguese authorities have participated in this macro operation against counterfeit production and distribution in the Iberian Peninsula and results in the fall of the backbone clothes counterfeit products.

The macro operation has ended with the arrest of 99 people, including the Imams of the mosques of Orense, and involving more than 1,000,000 fakes in Madrid , Barcelona , Sevilla , Orense, Malaga , Alicante , Valencia and Portugal . These fakes were produced in Portugal, where they have dismantled more than 10 factories , and distributed by " regional delegates " in Spain.

Thus, the network of Moroccan origin have been distributed in the last two years 235 tons of clothes and shoes that have generated false revenues of € 5.5 million . Part of this money was hidden black with primers and bank cards and other financial elements of the organization in the mosques of Orense and Xinzo of Limia (Orense ) .

Since September 2012 the group Intellectual Property Judicial Police Commissioner General has been investigating a criminal organization composed mainly Moroccans and Portuguese settled in Spain and in Portugal country. The network specialized in the manufacture, wholesale distribution and retail sale of textiles and footwear infringing industrial property rights . The investigation began after detecting an inspection at a store on the firing Cobo Calleja of Fuenlabrada (Madrid ) guards Book of counterfeit products, appearing as two empresascon senders addresses in Xinzo of Limia (Orense ) .

During 2013 , the National Police ( agents specialized in crimes against Intellectual Property Specialist Crime Brigade Central Central UDEV , attached to the General Judicial Police ) has conducted more than 300 operations related to Industrial Property Intellectual or in which it has arrested 924 people and intervened 4,350,983 counterfeit effects