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Citizen perception of Intellectual Property

The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market ( OHIM) has published its study "European citizens and Intellectual Property : perception, awareness and behavior."

This is the first major study of these characteristics in the European Union and aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the perceptions of the citizens of the Intellectual Property and damages involving their offense , both qualitatively and quantitatively .

The study shows an image of European citizens largely favorable to the rights of the Intellectual Property (IP ) and the rules governing them however as the results also reveal that many of them,  think that the breach of the rules may be justified when you have a low purchasing or protest against an economic model conditioned by the market and the most prestigious premium brands or power.

This dissociation may be partly caused by a lack of value of IP , and the fact that a large majority of Europeans believe that IP protection does not result essentially benefit them as consumers and citizens , but rather business and artistic elites.

Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the value you bring Intellectual Property to Europe's citizens in their daily lives , especially in the case of younger generations , which differ significantly from other age groups