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Treaty on the Law of Patents has come into force

This treaty applies both to national patent applications that are pending on the date of entry into force , and to granted patents with effect in Spain .

The main changes introduced by the Treaty on the Law of Patents are:

1.To simplify the formal requirements for obtaining filing date
2.To provide greater flexibility in relation to the " missing parts " of the application for the benefit of the applicant
3.To introduce the incorporation by reference to an earlier application
4.To limit the obligation to submit the certificate of priority and its translation to the assumptions on which such documents were not there at access available through Digital Library and were required to determine the patentability of the invention
5. Generally established within two months carry-overs
6.If some procedures such as error correction, requests for extension and restoration of rights application is introduced prior to the denial process communication of intent to deny and set a deadline of allegations
7.To allow the restoration of the deadline for claiming priority and deadline to provide the certificate of priority and its translation when needed.
8.To allow the addition or correction of a priority claim